Newsletter May 2023

.kids for $11/year (Members) or $12/year (non-Members), .giving for $7.99/year (Members) or $9.99/year (Non-Members). Check the news feed in the control panel for the terms and conditions.

Take 50% off all new premium registrations and 9-year renewals of .icu, .cyou, .bond, .sbs and .cfd. Check the news feed in the control panel for the terms and conditions.

1 year registrations of .mx for $16 (Members) or $17 (non-Members), 2-year registrations for $25 (Members) or $26 (non-Members). See the news feed in the control panel for terms and conditions.

.me for just $2.50 for the first year, Members only.

Upcoming price changes

Check the newsfeed in the control panel for an overview of upcoming domain price changes. You can find the newsfeed in the top right corner of the control panel.

Openprovider is ISO 27001 certified

We are proud to announce that Openprovider has successfully achieved ISO 27001 certification. This certification is an important step towards our commitment to achieving maximum security for our employees and customers.

As part of our certification, we have implemented stringent security measures, including risk assessment, data encryption, and access control. These security measures protect sensitive customer data from unauthorized access, disclosure, or alteration. 

With us, your domain registration details, personal information, and transaction data are always in safe hands. We implement strict policies and procedures and follow best practices to ensure your data and information are private, secure and protected.

Read on to learn more about our certification process.


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