Overview of Openprovider's registry accreditations


Openprovider is an ICANN accredited registrar, which allows us to be official registrar at all generic top level domains. Being active member of the Registrar Stakeholder Group, Openprovider is involved in the latest developments.


Openprovider is directly accredited at the following ccTLD (country codes) registries:

Registry Extension(s)
NIC AG .ag
NIC AT .at
DNS Belgium .be (member of the Registrar Forum and Bereas)
NIC BZ .bz
Switch .ch, .li
NIC Chile .cl
.CO Internet .co
cxDA .cx
DK Hostmaster .dk .es
EURid .eu, .ею (member of the Registrar Advisory Board)
Ficora .fi
BRS Media .fm
AFNIC .fr, .pm, .re, .tf, .wf, .yt
Ghana Dot Com .gh
NIC GT .gt
NIXI .in .it
NIC LC .lc
LK Domain Registry .lk
NIC LT .lt
DNS LU .lu
NIC LV .lv
.ME Registry .me
.MN Registry .mn
NIC MX .mx
SIDN .nl (founder and member of the Registrar Association)
Norid .no
NASK .pl
DNS PT .pt
Directi .pw .ru, .рф
VCS (Pty) .sc
IIS .se, .nu 
Telesur .sr 
Verisign .tv, .cc 
Nominet .uk
Neustar .us
NIC VC .vc
Global Domains International .ws
ZACR .za


Legacy gTLDs

Openprovider is directly accredited at the following legacy gTLD (generic top level domain) registries:

Registry Extension(s)
Verisign .com, .net, .name
PIR .org
Afilias .info
Neustar  .biz
Fundació .CAT .cat
dotMobi .mobi
DotAsia .asia .pro 
TelNIC .tel 
ICM Registry .xxx
CentralNic Wide selection of SLDs


New gTLDs

Openprovider is accredited registrar at nearly all new gTLD registries. For a selection, see the partner page on our website.

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